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Officials 1960 to 1989


Board of Management - senior positions.

Year President Secrerary / General Secretary (1968 on) Treasurer
1989 M.A.H. Marsden M.J. Hickey / B.K. Grossman B.F. Angel
1988 S.D. Woodward / L.M. Sist M.J. Hickey B.F. Angel
1987 S.D. Woodward M.J. Hickey M.A. Wilson
1986 P.D. Brukner V.J. Allpress G.D Luscombe
1985 S.A. Costello A.M. Donald S.G. Longley
1984 A.M. Smith V.J. Allpress G.D Luscombe
1983 A.M. Smith V.J. Allpress T.G. Orton
1982 P.H. Selleck V.J. Allpress T.G. Orton
1981 P.H. Selleck V.J. Allpress G.N. Ellison
1980 T.A. Johnson V.J. Allpress J.F. Hamilton
1979 T.A. Johnson V.J. Allpress T.M. Greaney
1978 T.A. Johnson P.H. Selleck T.M. Greaney
1977 T.A. Johnson P.H. Selleck T.M. Greaney
1976 T.A. Johnson P.H. Selleck T.M. Greaney
1975 A.J. Costello P.H. Selleck A.D. Fisher
1974 F. Baines / A.J. Costello H.B. Sharpe P.H. Selleck
1973 F. Baines G.A.R. Johnson P.H. Selleck
1972 I.H. Munro F. Baines J.L. Batten
1971 J.D. Clancy F. Baines R.J. Leaper
1970 M.A.H. Marsden F. Baines K.H. Otway / I.H. Munro
1969 M.A.H. Marsden F. Baines N.G. Ross
1968 M.A.H. Marsden F. Baines G.G. Rose
1967 M.A.H. Marsden P.J. Fleming G.G. Rose
1966 M.A.H. Marsden R.L. Webb G.G. Rose
1965 M.A.H. Marsden A.L. Walker B.A.E. Saunders / I.H. Munro
1964 J.D. Clancy / I.H. Munro A.L. Walker R.D.M. Smith
1963 R.W.T Cowan A.L. Walker R.D.M. Smith
1962 R.W.T Cowan A.L. Walker B.G. Lay
1961 R.W.T Cowan B.M. Currie L.R. Heron
1960 R.W.T Cowan B.M. Currie / A.S. Devenish B.H. Pascoe
Frank Baines was the first General Secretary in 1968.
Val Allpress was the first female General Secretary from 1979-1986.
Peter Selleck was possibly the youngest officeholder becoming Treasurer in 1973 at age 18.