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MUFC Life Members

Marcus Marsden


Geology lecturer, and later Professor, the late Marcus Marsden volunteered to organise the Olympic torch relay in 1956. This mammoth task involved the Australian Army, Olympic officials and many volunteers. But his contribution, that eventually spanned over 50 years, to football at the University of Melbourne was so vast and so enduring that it is no accident that he is the first ever Life Member of the Melbourne University Football Club.

A - E

Bernard Angel;
George Bearham; Charles Beaton; Lachlan Beaton; Ross Booth; Peter Brukner, OAM; David Buckley;
Richard (Rick) Cameron; Nicholas (Nick) Carah; John Carmody; Steven Carroll; Wayne Carroll; Steven Cerni; Barry Church; John (Jack) Clancy*; John (Jack) Clarke; Michael Commadeur; Stephen Commadeur; Andrew Coker; Anthony (Tony) Costello; Brian Costello; Simon ("Harry") Costello; Ern ("Ernie") Cropley*;
George deCrespigny; Andrew Donald, Patrick Dillon; Leon Doyle.

F - L

David Foster;
James (Jim) Gilchrist; Timothy Giles; Robert (Bob) Girdwood; Justin Gray; Terence (Terry) Greaney;
Roderick (Rod) Hager; Robert Hanna; Frank Henagan*; Andrew Hendy; Peter Hille; Charles Hosking; Thomas (Tom) Hutchins; Warwick Hutchins;
Robert Irwin;
Justin Jamieson; Andrew Jesse; TA (Alex) Johnson, OAM*; Graeme Johnson, OAM;
John Kanis;
Mark Lockie; Stephen Longley.

M - R

Marcus (Marc) Marsden*; Donald MacInnes; Damian McAloon; Anthony (Tony) McInerney; Gillon McLachlan; Edward (Ted) McNamara*; Norma McNamara*; John (Jack) McRae*; Stephen Meade; Ian Munro;
John ("Peter") O'Donohue*;
Ross Perrett;
Michael Robin.

S - Z

Alan Salter; Yvonne Salter; Peter Schauble*; Peter Selleck; Henry (Harry) Sharpe*; Colin Shaw*; Loretta Sist; Andrew (Andy) Smith; Timothy (Tim) Standish; Joseph ("Joey") Sturrock;
Michael Thomas; Timothy (Tim) Thomas; Craig Thompson; Mark Tyquin;
Bruce Warren; Gerald (Gerry) Westmore; Grant Williams; Raymond (Ray) Wilson; Gary Wines.


In some or all capacities true excellence has been demonstrated as a player, official and supporter of University Blacks, University Blues, University Reds (1955 to 1997; now incorporated into Fitzroy) or some or all of these teams and / or to the Melbourne University Football Club as a whole.
First: Marc Marsden
Youngest: Peter Selleck
Oldest: Colin Shaw
Life Members - VAFA: Ross Booth; Dr. Brian Costello; Dr. Simon Costello; Alex Johnson*; Alf Keam; Ian Munro; Peter O'Donohue*.
VAFA - Big V Legends: Ian Cordner; Simon Costello; Jim Peters (Blacks)
VAFA - Champions: Duncan Anderson (Blues); Ian Galbraith (Blacks)