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General Information

The Melbourne University Football Club is governed by a Board of Management:
Andrew M Donald
Andrew Henderson
Stephen G Longley
Lucas Van Kempen
Joseph Sturrock
Dr. Simon A Costello, Robert J Hanna, Stephen G Meade
No. The Blacks and Blues like to give that impression though. We are moving to have the Melbourne University Womens Football Club operate as a new division in 2016. Enquiries may be made to the Board regarding this initiative.
You may be surprised how many people look at this section of the site.
MUFC Register of Members
Black & Blue
Black & Blue. This excellent publication, compiled by five magnificent authors including John Cordner, details the history from 1879 to 2006. It is a must read. For all enquiries about the book, great value at $49.95, please contact the General Secretary. You may secure a deal on the price if you are lucky!
There certainly are.
Two teams were selected in 2007 to reflect the best players of the 'Modern Era' - post WWII. One team is of those who played at VFL/AFL level and the other of those who played at VAFA level.
FX Dunin
VFL/AFL - coached by Frank Dunin (pictured). Click here.
Peter O'Donohue
VAFA - coached by Peter O'Donohue (pictured). Click here.
Who is the best ever player is up for debate.
We propose here that it is Allan LaFontaine. If there is anyone who can match kicking 197 goals in a season? 168 for the Blacks and 29 in representative games in 1933.